Monday, January 31, 2011

I've always wondered this...

When you first met me (like the forums) what was it you thought of me? And do you still feel the same way? :3

You can leave it in a comment below, or leave in the little chat box to the left. :)

Random note:
It's supposed to actually snow three inches on Thursday.
Of course, it was 80 degree's today, so I very much doubt that weatherman. XD


  1. "Oh wow,someone actually gets my Silent Hill talk,that means its time for a new avi!

    I hope she likes my new avi....

    She likes my new avi!"

    My old self=WIN

  2. You had a freakish avatar back then. "Oh, well that's unusual. But, hey, it's just an avatar, right? Sure, she's a LITTLE crazy, but so am I!"

  3. I wish I still had those good times....

    You were never there anyway,I think you were scared of us

  4. i just stalked the threads.
    i got to scared to comment.

  5. Good,cause I would have held you hostage with a bloody knife and Wolfie would have hid behind me while Omri would try to say you,and Why55 would sit there....

  6. Hmmmm... When I first met you, I thought you would be more celeberty-ish, ya know? I didn't really talk to you, I only commented, said how amazing you legacy was, ect. Eventually, I started slipping in more, relizing that your forum thread for the literature legacy wasn't a fan site, more of a chat room. Then I started really talkin' to you like an actual friend, ya know? So there is my answer to your question.

  7. O.O
    I probably would've hidden in fear, Cooklez.

    Aww, thank you fawnester! <3 I'm glad you think of me as a friend, I consider you one of my friends too!

  8. I just typed a big long post on how I felt and stuffs and it didn't post..well thats just super.

    Anywho to simply put what I wrote I thought you were really nice and funny :)

  9. Yay!
    I'm glad I don't make that bad of first impressions. X]
    The first impression I make in real life is quite a bd one... O.O

  10. You were one of my first friends on the site <3 I loved your avi~ It was so weeeiiiirrrrdddd! XD

  11. ^.^
    Hehe, you were one of my first friend's too! Your meh simmeh buddy. ^.^ Why? Because llama's put the delish'S! X]
    Ahh yes, gotta love my weird avi's. There are my specialty. :D