El Skipper-o?

Sorry, I don't have one of these yet! The only one I've found is severly outdated and is from LAST YEAR! And, it's all edited and crap from this art project I did. But, I kinda liked it since it hide's my scar. But, it's on my other computer, so yeah...
No picture.
What a disapointment....(sarcasm, I doubt any of you want to see it anyways)

-Basic About Me-

Name: Bethany

Nickname: Beth, Skippers...

Age: 15

Birthday: January 15th

Sign: Capricorn

Weight: 107 pounds

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Black, but it's subject to a lot of change

Screenname: Skip45/Skip

Lefty or Righty: Both

Lives: Texas(madre)/New Hampshire(padre)

Tattoo: No, but I want them. Three of them, to be exact. I want 'love' on my foot, my husbands (if I get married, that is) name on my shoulder, and a peace sign on my wrist. X]


Color: Purple & Orange & Green

Number: 56

Letter: W

Band: Hmm...Green Day, All-American Rejects, and NeverShoutNever!

Holiday: St. Patricks Day

Song: Neon Moon <3

Book: Romeo and Juliet

Quote: "To be or not to be. That is the question."
Movie: The Ugly Truth

Actor: Johnny Depp

Actress: Julia Roberts

Place: My Grandma's house

Drink: Sweet Tea

Food: I dig me some salad. <3

Candy: Those Hot Tamale things. X]

Scent: Warm Vanilla

Flower: Calla Lily

-One or the Other-

Facebook or Myspace: Facebook

Black or White: Black

Kiss or Hug: Hugs

Smile or Wave: Smile

Day or Night: Night

Rain or Sunshine: Sunshine

Sea or Land: Land

Meat eater or Veggie: Veggie

Republican or Democrat: Neither, I don't really like politics


Ever been in love: Yeps

Have your first kiss: Yeps

Been cheated on: Yeps

In a relationship: Yeppers

Siblings: Five of 'em(a brother, a half-brother, a sister, a little brother (beore, I hadn't mentioned him due to the fact that he's younger, so yeah, that's why you're all probably like NU UH. I just never mentioned him. cut him out of the equation, yanno?), and a step-sister)

Parents: Dad & Mom, along with a step-dad and step-mom. ^.^

-Yes or No-

Marriage: Hell to the NO!

Long Distance Relationships: Suppose

Love: Yups

Lying: If the time calls for it

Anywhos, if you can think of any other questions, ask 'em! ^.^


  1. hot tamale, hot hot tamale, hot tamale,


    hot tamale, hot hot tamale, hot tamale,


    :) :) :)

    theres a song for that but cba to findimicate it :)

  2. How many times have you dyed you hair. One of my friend has dyed it over 20 times! (probably already mentioned that)

    Will you ever get/Do you have a tattoo?

  3. Haha!
    I love that song! Except I usually say potatoe.. XD

    Ok, I'll add those in there fawnester!
    But, I have dyed my hair four times a year for the last three years....so, 12? X]

  4. ive never actually seen the real hair colour of my bezzie Ruby's hair, its been:

    Chestnut-ish, black, blue/black, purpley, ginger,ginger with blond bits, and now its just... i cant describe it really..

    ohh yes i can describe it! it's a RAINBOW! :)

  5. Hai, I didn't know you had been cheated on! Poor you.

  6. Yeah....
    A long time ago, by my first boyfriend. :3

  7. Screw Him >.<
    I'm not aloud dye my hair till I'm like TWENTY..Yeah but my little sister gets to do whatever she wants.

  8. Heys, can I use this thing for my blog? Thanks :)