Friday, January 14, 2011

Yanno, sometimes, I think my game is screwed up.

So, I was playing my game today while eating a cookie, yanno, enjoying life. Well, it soon became time for my little toddler Eliza to become a child.

This is the result:
So, with that in mind, I quickly tried to think up a solution of how to solve it.
I thought that with them moving out, I could get the little girl to go back to normal.
Howevers, I am obviously not that lucky.
For, when I went to visit them, this awaited me outside:

Also, I think my game try's just a tad to hard to give the pre-made sims that certain 'appeal'--if ya know what I mean! For, while I was walking through the park with a sim, I saw this:

Holly Alto, have you lost all respect for yourself?
I also saw this:
It's not that bad, but still.
This here is River, I think. Ya see, my sim went out with her when she was a teenager, and then, as a young adult, she thought it would be nice to come by for a visit. Obviously, she is trying to hard without the shirt...but seriously dear, what is up with the way your walking!?

And, to end this on a nicer note, I was playing with Madison VanWatson.
I don't think people really like her, so, as I was playing wit her, I noticed something that shocked me. She's acutally half-way pretty, yanno? Anywhos, I got her preggo and she had a baby boy named Harvey. BUT! The best part is the labor pictures.

And that, my darlings, is where I stopped playing and went to make a simself....
But yeah. It was one interesting day of simming, that much was for sure.


  1. Usually resetsim helps me with the poor, poor children. Good god, I dunno what I'd be without it.

  2. LOL xD Once, I had that stupid .nked in my game (and this was before I knew anything at all about attempting to sift through my launcher for corrupt files) and I saw Bebe Hart. She was pregnant, and guess what? She was wearing absolutely nothing except a pair of Ugg boots, no censors or anything. She may be a bunch of pixels, but I'm still scarred for life xP

  3. I had that once too!
    Yanno, but mine was with Vita Alto.
    Dear god..

  4. by annasommer

    Ugh, no sense of fashion those automatic sims- time to get Ambitions and create a stylist to give them a makeover *g*

    I had the nudists in the neibourhood phenomenom, too *lol* But I did not remove the top and bottom nkd unless I started to have glitches on babys and toddlers. Because it looked so funny! I mean, people going for a walk in the park with nothing on? *rofl*

  5. Haha, I finally got Late first expansion pack ever! :O