Thursday, January 20, 2011

Randomness To the Third Degree. ^.^

This is filled with randomness. :)
First thing?
I've got naturally black hair, and I'm thinking of dying it...
Going blonde sounds good, no?
Or brown?
Or red?
There's just SO many options! :O
Second thing:
I got a new kitten. ^.^
His name is Bon-Bon, but Bon for short.
He's the brother to my other kitteh (they've got the same mommeh) and his brother's name is Jovi.
So, together, they are Bon Jovi. X]
Third thing:
My puppeh is a moron. Alexander? The one who almost died awhile back? Well, I'm glad to say that he is OK. In a way. The dog ate one of SIR BENNY'S KIDS! D:
That is all.


  1. Answer/1-Red hair is awesome!

    Answer/2-That's awesome!

    Answer/3-That's awesome!

  2. Finally, someone agrees! I want a dark red though. :3
    Hehe, I was proud to think of my kitteh's names. ^.^
    Alexander is a naughty doggeh! Don't encourage him! D:

  3. Like mine? Or like LeiLei's?
    Uh huh
    Does he hump your leg?

  4. Um, like yours but a tad darker. X]
    Yes. Yes he does. My teddy bear lost her V card to him. D:

  5. by annasommer

    Dark red should go perfectly with green eyes :oD