Thursday, January 13, 2011

EEP! Look at this! :O

I want you to look at the blog!
Because, it got a whole new make-over thing!
New header and background and color scheme and everyfink. :3
Now, before I add pictures and polls and stuff, answer the poll to the left!
Thank you. <3333


  1. Loving it Skip! :)
    You finally got your music!

  2. Thank ya!
    It took me forever to figure out. :D
    Yes, I got me some music!
    It's not all the song's I wanted...but I can deal with it. :D

  3. Might want to change it to non auto,lots of people hate it.

    Like me,since I have Dr.D headphones that I wear and I just got blasted

  4. Oh, sorry! I wasn't aware I had it on auto. D:
    I keep my computer where it's pretty much silent all the time...
    I'm changing it right now. ^.^

  5. Well, if I'm going to youtube, I turn on sound. Other then that, I turn it off, because my computer makes weird sounds. D: