Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Day...'re going to see me sitting behind bars.
Because, one day, my step-dad is going to drive me just a tad bit tooooo crazy!
As i've told before, he's a total jerk. But today, he just passed the line.
You see, I've got this big gash on my face, a scar that runs from my chin down, because I got in a car accident when I was younger. It makes me extremely self-concious, and I KNOW that people look at it. But, that's not the point, the point is that I asked him and my mom if I could take drivers ed and he said:
I dunno, but you'll have to be careful. We don't need another person with your face.
He said it jokingly...
But it's not a joke. It's a painful reality.


  1. he's such a jackass!

    and you're such an awesome person <3

  2. D'aww, thank you!
    yes, I know he is one. Unfortunatly, my mother does see it, so he's still here.
    life is cruel. D:

  3. You should talk to you mom about it,maybe she'll dump the douche

  4. by annasommer

    Ok, I am sorry to ask this, but the bacon, and that remark- do you think he does it on purpose?!

  5. if he does mean it then he deserves to be kicked so hard in the balls that he loses function of them!

    :3 thats my opinion, lol ;)

  6. by annasommer

    Beth I think you are right... you should go for a walk. And then get some sleep before he makes you do something you might regret :o(
    He ain´t worth it! *hugz*

  7. Don't let him under your skin. If he says something that hurt you brethe deep, you can't let him mess you up. I don't think he means to hurt your feelings. He is probably just not thinking.

  8. Hey,BTW Skippers,can you upload your simself in houseload form on Mediafire or something? I want you in my game for fun adventures but both your simslefs hate me X]

  9. I have talked to my mom about it, but she's ignores it and says he does it without thinking.
    But, that can't be true. He knows what he's saying. He's been saying them for the past four years, and hasn't stopped.
    And, I've asked my dad if I could come live with him, but that would mean leaving Mason.
    Life is just full of conflicts.
    I could either start fresh with my dad, or stay here with Mason. :(

  10. Oh yes!
    I shall upload one soon. ^.^

  11. Would you like it to the exchange in household form or the media thing? :3

  12. Doesn't matter.

    I'd much prefer MediaFire,but if it's easyier on the exchange than go ahead

  13. Ok!
    it's my first time uploading a sim there, let's hope I do it right.