Monday, March 21, 2011


I realized I'm not good with coming up with titles for my blogs. Honestly, I can type up an entire blog and have no CLUE as to what to name it. Sad, ain't it? Anywhos, I realized I hadn't really blogged in awhile. And, what I did blog was just me releasing my burdens onto you you all (sorry about that...) but! I'm coming here with opinions. A lot of them. You can locate each opinion because it has a '*' by it. So, let's begin, shall we?

* First off, I hate when people become famous just because someone they know is. I hate the fact that some people are famous simply because their parents were. Fame should be something that reonizes you for all your talent and hard work. It shouldn't be something you're born into.

* Secondly, I hate famous people who know they're famous. Like, on those sad doggy commercials? It's always a celeberity asking us to save an animal, right? That person just made a ton of money off a new film. Why aren't they donating? Instead they ask us, people who barely make it with sending kids to college and tax's, to donate. It makes me feel guilty when my family doesn't donate, but honestly? Get some real people on those commercials. People who do donate. I'm not trying to say that the famous person doesn't donate, I'm just saying they've got an advantage. Money.

* Third, it's come to my attention that 'unknown' bands are MUCH better live then people who are famous. Bands that have worked hard for years just to get some small attention sound and perfom better then people who are famous. Just my opinion, you might not all agree, but people who aren't in the media are a lot more 'real'...yanno?

* Fourth, I hate how people play favorites. I mean, someone has more talent yet you go with someone else because you like them more? Give me a break.

* Fifth, these are just opinions.... You can argue with me if you want, but hey, it's how I feel. It doesn't pertain to everyone nor everything, just most things. ;D


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sad skipper is sad. D:

I don't understand what I've done to deserve this.
I'm pretty much the laughing stock of my school.
I know people are talking about me.
Their whisper's aren't quiet.
They aren't even whispers.
They might as well be shouting it, for everyone knows and I can hear it.
In fact, it's moment's like this where I'm actually happy I'm busy. Because if I'm busy, then I don't have time to think, and if I don't have to think, then I don't have to remember this and feel the pain.
But still, it hurts.
Next time someone you want to talk about someone...
Just don't.
They'll feel like I do.
They'll feel like they've misplaced their trust.
Like they no longer have anyone.
I do have some friends that have stuck by me.
And in all honesty, I'll never be able to thank them enough...
So yeah...
That's me. I'm a sad, crying, emotion eating skipper at the moment.
And yep....
That's all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yanno, I really do believe I hate highschool. Life in middle school was boring, but at least then people weren't so..mean. Or, they were mean, but they would be mean out right to your face, not behind your back. My life has seemingly hit a rough patch. A very hard, alone, and sad rough patch. The worst part? The people who I believed to be my friends are the cause of it. And, there are a ton of people talking about me... And not the good kind either. And, there are a lot of people mad at me.
ON! A happier note, I just realized today is Lent! So, happy Lent everyone. X]
Also...bunny's are adorable. <3
All little bunneh wants is for everyone to love each other.
That, and bunneh wants da cookie. ^-^