Monday, January 17, 2011

Aww....what a sad day! :(

So, I made a par-tay thread, and I had like, 18 people involved. That's a lot of people, yanno?
Anywhos, I had all this stuff planned out and an introduction up....
Well, that thread is now gone.
Sad times, my friends.
That thread was filled with a randomness that can not be beaten (ok, maybe it can, but whatev).
It shall forever be missed.
And, here is how I feel about it being deleted:
All I have to say about that.


  1. Create a new one!


    PLZ! I want everything to go on

  2. I am! :)
    I just gotta think of a name for it! I don't want EA to get all suspicous. ^.^

  3. Good!

    How bout..... "In-game masquerade with Skippers"?

    ♪Near! Far! Wherever you are! I believe that my heart will....go on!♪*drowns*

  4. Haha!
    That should work. ^.^
    Are you in a titanic mood?

  5. But, I'll have to post that tomorrow...
    It keeps on giving me LIam when I try to get to the forums. D:

  6. Well,I said go on,and....It's mah fav movie evar

    See it then

    I hope I don't have school

    Cross your fingers for me :)

  7. Why wouldn't you have school!? D:
    *crosses fingers anyways*
    I'll post the link here tomorrow morning. ^.^

  8. by annasommer
    Gone?! =o0

    I thought I just could not reach it because of the language thing the forum has with me. Fck 8|
    Ok so off to work without a laugh before breakfast