Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Skipper Is Frozen...

I never thought I would say that I've been frozen.
Much less in TEXAS.
That pretty much sums it up.
You see, it got really cold in Texas last night, and since it's going to be really cold all up until Friday (with the chance of snow across the state), power companies have found it necessary to have power cuts through the state.
Meaning, at different times throughout the day, the electricty would be cut off in a different part of town. This has happened to every town, so I know I'm not alone, but still...cutting of heat? Cutting of water? CUTTING OF MY FREAKING TOASTER!? I didn't get to eat me toast this morning. -_-
If you don't believe my rants, or you want a better description, you can find one here. ^.^
So yeah....
I guess I should just be grateful that Texas is doing this in the winter time and not the summer. XD
Otherwise, I'd be a melted skipper. O.O
And, I guess it's not the state's fault that mother nature decided to freeze all us little Texans. -.-

Leave me a little comment though... ;D


  1. You town must be really poor to have to cut power

    We Maine gangstas all have four wheel drive :3

  2. Cooklez, it's the entire state doing this, not just my town!
    Texas obviously wasn't prepared for it to get so cold, so they're doing this to preserve energy for people in the northern part of Texas. X]

  3. I knew Texans were poor people with all the Mexicans....

    We still have out power,cause we're the kick to the ass

  4. You're also a much smaller state...and a state used to it being cold, so your state has enough energy for this cold crap. XD

  5. Yes,but we're used to the hot too,cause we get lots of hot air from across the sea.

  6. Cooklez, it was 80 freaking degree's on the last day of january.
    I think Texas may be just a tad bit more used to it. XD

  7. It's gotten to 110 here,and it's usually over 100 in the summer.

  8. By the time April is here, we're already in the 100's. X]
    or, at least were I am....

  9. I,myself,live the cold and snow

    Less school <3

  10. lucky! D:
    if we get a day off, we have to make it up. -_-

  11. We don't,the school says since we get so much snow,it would take too much,so it's free.

  12. once more, you're a lucky duck. D: