Monday, February 28, 2011

Haven't blogged in awhile...

Just been busy, yanno?
However, I'm typing up a very opinionated blog that I shall post when I think i've worded everything correctly. Just gotta get stuff right, yanno? XD
Anywhos, check back later. ^-^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Define: Skip

part of the joys of being a skip is that I move on quickly. Earlier today, I announced my loving computer dead on the scene. I've been through a lot with that little computer, and it saddened me to see it go along with every save file I've ever had.
However! While I may have been very sad at the given moment, a skipper moves on quickly. I don't like the feeling of I tend to do whatever it takes to block it out.
So, with all my legacy's and stories and everything else deleted, I realized I would have a lot of free time.
So, I did what anyone would expect.
I created a new story. Actually, not even a story. It's a legacy. I'm already in love with the idea of it, and I can't wait to share it with you all. I had been wallowing in self pity, and now I'm bursting with excitement! Check the forums tomorrow morning, I'll be posting my new legacy! AND! This time, I'm limiting myself. One legacy, one story. That way, the world goes round, and I'll never have a repeat of this again.
Peace out,

P.S. I really love the last name of my new legacy. I'll post a linkage here when I post it tomorrow morning.


My computer ended up dying.
So yeah.
You probably won't see me around as much anymore.
I've basically lost all heart for everything.
I'm only able to contine one story. And that's because there is only one charcter for me to remake.
So, until I find something that brings light to my darkened soul, this is it for awhile... :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Come on you freaking piece of...

My's pushing me over the edge. It's a piece of crap computer. I have a new one my dad bought me a while back, and it runs sims beautifully. However, all my stories, legacys, and basicallly everything I've ever published is located on the crappy computer. Enter my problem.
This computer has given me so much greif in the last year I think I may just go bald. Ya see, first, it got a virus. Second, the charger exploded. Third, it crashes all the damn time. Fourth, it's slower then my grandma. Fifth, the graphics suck. Sixth...well, need I say more?
So, anywhos, I was starting it up today, and guess what!?
The thing won't start. All it does is crash! I load it, it crashes. I open a save, it crashes. I somehow get the save opened, and it crashes.
It's been a tough day, and I'm fearing the worst.
I've always known the computer was close to death...but it's too soon! D: DOES IT NOT UNDERSTAND I HAVE THINGS TO DO ON IT!?

Monday, February 21, 2011

I really hate technology...

and I'm pretty sure it hates me too. My computer keeps on crashing on me. Maybe it's trying to tell me to save more often, but still. It gives me anger. And I hate anger. And I hate that I'm hating something.
Excuse me while I yell cuss words at my computer and beat it with my hand and then apologize to it and beg it to work.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Smelling the roses...

It's been a long time since I've actually sat down and enjoyed life. I'm freakishly busy between sports, clubs, bands, choir, simming, homework, projects, essays, real life drama, my animals, the farm, and chores. is just kinda stressful, yanno? The only joy I find in life is through my simming. It's a way for me to get rid of everything. So, a forum friend told me to just... chill.
I haven't chilled since school started. I'm constantly on the go, with something to do. And, it's showing in my grades, sadly. :(
That being said, my brother and I drove down to visit my half-brother.
And....lemme tell ya...
It's been amazing.
I've missed this sea air!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey guys...

I've been missing for awhile.
My charger to my lap top exploded.
The forums give me serious greif.
If I see the lady putting a baby in a dishwasher one more time I'll kill that screen.
I'm failing three classes.
I forgot Valentines.
I got a 29 on my math test.

So, to sum it up, life is sucking mega hard donkey balls with a side of suck-ish llama fur balls.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Right after school today, I drove into this town that has this computer fixer upper guy.
Because, as you know, I kinda lost my cool last night with the d-bag on the tech support. >.<
The guy is fixing up my computer.
That means my computer will FINALLY be free of all the viruses it has!
(my simming computer get's attacked by viruses a lot...)
Anywhos, that was is my happy moment of the day. X]
Sad part though is that I'll have to come back and get it tomorrow, since the guy said it won't take long, but I have soccer practice at 6 and I must head back for that...
I is a sad skipper.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I'll harm them all!
I hate the guy I'm talking too.
All I want to know is how to fix my computer, not how to install a freaking ink cartridge! -_-
Oh, and get some new music for your hold line.
Just sayin'.
And he sounds high...
Dear goodness. What has the world come to when a skipper can't get help!? D:

My team won their volleyball game! Or, we won four of of five. X]

By the way...Skipper loves you.
Yes, you. Why? Because skipper is  in a loving mood.
*tackles whoever is reading this into a hug*
That's getting hugged on the now-network. (can you hear me now?)

Well, that is all.
I must call the guy again since I hung up. ^_^
Ta-ta! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

YAY! :3

Everything is still there, tucked safely away in the world of the unknown.
Everything from my simself family to my legacy and shiftacy to my party game to my brother's Megan Foz obsession....
It's all there. X]
This skipper is a happy skipper!
I've got a volleyball tournament. D:
Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh chicken feathers. :O

My brother updated my game.
I'm scared to check my game...last time I updated, my files got deleted. O.O
So...I'm trying to build up courage to check it.
That is all.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Skippys first snow day. :3

Ya! That's right! It SNOWED in TEXAS. It's warmer here then in Alaska, and.... We. Got. Snow.
SOOOO....despite the fact that it's only like, two inches of snow, school got cancelled, because we Texans don't exactly know how to drive with snow (that and the fact that the main road is in this steep hill thing). ^.^
So, let's have pictures of snow, shall we? :)

Ok, I should specify that despite the fact that this hand look's very womanish, it's actually my brother's. XD

The little black stuff is acorns and rocks..this was under the oak tree... X]
It is amazing.
All I gotta say.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who would've guessed? :O

Not me, that's for sure.
In the grand state of Alaska, it's 30 something degree's.
In Texas, it's in the teen's.
Something here is seriously screwed up.
My exact reaction.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Skipper Is Frozen...

I never thought I would say that I've been frozen.
Much less in TEXAS.
That pretty much sums it up.
You see, it got really cold in Texas last night, and since it's going to be really cold all up until Friday (with the chance of snow across the state), power companies have found it necessary to have power cuts through the state.
Meaning, at different times throughout the day, the electricty would be cut off in a different part of town. This has happened to every town, so I know I'm not alone, but still...cutting of heat? Cutting of water? CUTTING OF MY FREAKING TOASTER!? I didn't get to eat me toast this morning. -_-
If you don't believe my rants, or you want a better description, you can find one here. ^.^
So yeah....
I guess I should just be grateful that Texas is doing this in the winter time and not the summer. XD
Otherwise, I'd be a melted skipper. O.O
And, I guess it's not the state's fault that mother nature decided to freeze all us little Texans. -.-

Leave me a little comment though... ;D