Saturday, January 15, 2011

A day with the Cooklez simmyself. :3

Ok, so in my game, I had my simmyself running around town, and who do I see?
None other then Cooklez!
So, I spend the day with her.
Here's how it pretty much goes:
Well, when I first saw you, you were busy jammin' out at the park by yourself on the drums while you're surronded by little birds which totally amazed me. You, however, were not phased by the birds and continued to jam out...
Anywhos, I went up to introduce myself, and since funny interactions always boost up a relationship, that's what I did. ^.^
So you see, this face here leads me to belive that perhaps you aren't as blood-thirsty as you have led to me to think. I mean this in the nicest way, though! :)
Then, you made this face at me. I is just a poor Skipper, whatever did I do to you!?
You then pulled out your handy-dandy what-ever-it's-called tool.
And then, while tossing it in the air, you looked over at my sim self.
Now worries, I'll hide the children.

But, not is all bad! We went clubbing, I'm a big fan of them, and we tried out the bubble machine.

Bubbles amazed me...

This face seems to say, "Now, in Silent Hill, they taught me how to do this!" Yeah, you seem all so powerful and knowing, until...
You made this face. Even bubbles amuse the Cooklez.
Who knew!?
You then went to go get a drink, and me, being the stalker that I am, followed you. Your sim seems to be saying, "Those are so fake." But yanno, in better Cooklez humor. :)
My simself find amusement in the smaller things, and was rather shocked that these fish were fake.

You, obviously, had different plans for the water.

You sly dog. ;) He was the bouncer and everyfink! :3
Well, at least now I know how you got in easily while I had to PAY. -_-

The night came to a close with a bit of dancing, for the club we visited was rather dead...

But hey, leave it to Cooklez to liven things up a bit, eh? :D

Anywhos, I know, it was rather lame, and I had a lot more planned, yanno, vampire stuff, but this is where my game decided to crash on me....So yeah, this is it. For now, at least. ^.^


  1. by annasommer

    And I always thought it was just my imagination when I saw Sims I downloaded walking around in my game *lol*

  2. X]


    I went skinny dipping with bouncer.That' weird

  3. Cooklez...
    You did more then skinny dip.
    The guy walked away wih the strut and everyfink! :3

  4. Great,so I had sex with the bouncer.

    Do not tell my boyfriend miss.