Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Define: Skip

part of the joys of being a skip is that I move on quickly. Earlier today, I announced my loving computer dead on the scene. I've been through a lot with that little computer, and it saddened me to see it go along with every save file I've ever had.
However! While I may have been very sad at the given moment, a skipper moves on quickly. I don't like the feeling of I tend to do whatever it takes to block it out.
So, with all my legacy's and stories and everything else deleted, I realized I would have a lot of free time.
So, I did what anyone would expect.
I created a new story. Actually, not even a story. It's a legacy. I'm already in love with the idea of it, and I can't wait to share it with you all. I had been wallowing in self pity, and now I'm bursting with excitement! Check the forums tomorrow morning, I'll be posting my new legacy! AND! This time, I'm limiting myself. One legacy, one story. That way, the world goes round, and I'll never have a repeat of this again.
Peace out,

P.S. I really love the last name of my new legacy. I'll post a linkage here when I post it tomorrow morning.


  1. Aww, Skip I'm so sorry about your computer!
    I can't wait to read you new legacy! it's bound to be amazing!!!

  2. What about the party? D:

    I probably won't read it,cause I don't read sim stories or legacies,cause they bore me.Don't take that personally,but...ya,not my thing.