Monday, February 21, 2011

I really hate technology...

and I'm pretty sure it hates me too. My computer keeps on crashing on me. Maybe it's trying to tell me to save more often, but still. It gives me anger. And I hate anger. And I hate that I'm hating something.
Excuse me while I yell cuss words at my computer and beat it with my hand and then apologize to it and beg it to work.


  1. :O You hate me?! (Haha my nickname is Anger, but the G sounds like a J) x3

    That's alright. Every single save of mine makes my game crash when I leave the home lot >.>

  2. Bahaha! That's an odd nickname llama. XD

    That sucks. D: I just wish that for once my game would just work properly! :O

  3. Haha well my friend was adressing this Amber chick and looking at me, so she said Anjer x]

    Meh, I blame EA.