Friday, February 4, 2011

Skippys first snow day. :3

Ya! That's right! It SNOWED in TEXAS. It's warmer here then in Alaska, and.... We. Got. Snow.
SOOOO....despite the fact that it's only like, two inches of snow, school got cancelled, because we Texans don't exactly know how to drive with snow (that and the fact that the main road is in this steep hill thing). ^.^
So, let's have pictures of snow, shall we? :)

Ok, I should specify that despite the fact that this hand look's very womanish, it's actually my brother's. XD

The little black stuff is acorns and rocks..this was under the oak tree... X]
It is amazing.
All I gotta say.


  1. Duuuuude.
    Not. Fair.
    We get like 2 inches of snow every day, but they never cancel school. Even in the negative weathers.
    But snow is beautimus ^_^

  2. Haha, this is the first time it's snowed in Texas (or where I'm at) in like...50 years.
    I know, it's amazing! ^.^

  3. You'll hate it after it's walked on and half melted and you'll have to go to school when it's still there.

    You have much to learn about how much your school is going to suck

  4. ....School is cancelled though. X]
    And I don't hate it!
    I'm sad because it's meltin.

  5. Yep,and it's going to look like shit after it's all shoveled on the side of the road.

    But,Monday you will,and it will most likely still be on the ground.

    You will,trust me

  6. It sucks over here, we have almost two feet of snow! and we NEVER get snow days! That's to show how crappy Canadian schools are. >.<

  7. ....oh, that sucks.

    and the snow has already melted.

  8. I did. :)
    I made a snowan and everything!

  9. Then he melted,and you'll never see snow again.


  10. Congrats Skip! :)
    I could never live in a place where we didn't experience all four seasons properly. I live for snow days!!!

  11. Thank ya!
    You do have four seasons though. Winter=cold. Spring=humind. Summer=hot. Fall=Magnificent. <3

  12. Us californians too:
    Winter: Frigid Spring: wet, Summer: Hot Fall: Too hot or too cold!

    Sry i is not very happy with seasons right now ;)

  13. I've never had a snow day, even though it does snow where I live. And it rains. Too much.

  14. Hahaha!
    I'm sorry fawn. XD
    LOL! Texans don't know how to drive with we got the day off. XD

  15. I would like to mention 2 things right now:
    1. you have written more posts in 2 months than the previous 4! Congradulations to that!
    2. Despite my ranting the other day (or perhaps, because of it) we are having a PERFECT day today!