Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eight facts about me..

So, not that any of you care, but I personally believe that if you read someone's blog, you should learn things about the type of person they are. So, here are eight facts about me:

1. I have black hair that is pefectly curled. It used to reach my hips until one day I got gum stuck in it and I was forced to cut it to my shoulders. It's growing back fast, but it is still a shock.

2. I have green eyes as does my sister.

3. I play the flute in band and sing in the school choir (I'm a soprano/alto voice), as do some of my best friends.

4. I want to go to NYU or Julliard for college, although I doubt I'll ever get that far, as I'm not very outstanding in area of schoolwork. I'm simply average.

5. My favorite colors are purple and orange. Ya know, the pastel colors. They are soothing and gentle...

6. I'm a total amimal lover. I've got five dogs, four cats, three birds, a rabbit, a goat, a cow, and a horse. Along with a goldfish named Sha-doink.

7. I'm currently in public school, but I used to be home-schooled and I also used to go to private school.

8. I love all types of music, but my obsessions are: The Killers, The Ready Set, NeverShoutNever!, and Taylor Swift. (Brooks and Dunn is also a more of a liking, as their song Neon Moon is my favorite country song of all time!)

So, did ya learn anything about me?


  1. Really..homeschooled..who's a fancy girl LOL.Which did you like better being homeschooled,private school or public school?

  2. Ooh I've another fact..your an excellent writer and you have great sense of humour!

  3. I prefer public school, it better prepares you for real life.
    And I'm not that good of a writer; honestly, I always get two's on my writing prompts.