Friday, October 1, 2010

Beatles and my puppies....

So, a few months ago, a stray dog followed me home. My family and I could never find his owners, and as he was quite scrawny, we decided to keep him. He turned out to be a beagle dog (or at least looks like one) and I named him Beatle (since when I found him, I was listening to the beatles).
Anyways, I've grown quite found of this dog, and I regreted to notice the fact that my other dog was indeed preggo.
Anywhos, she had puppies, and I've been taking care of them (there are like, five of them) and now, one of those little puppies are sick. While the other four are running around, this one can't move very much and it just sits around as if it's constantly tired. I talked to my vet, and the puppy should be moving around like the rest of them. Anyways, this same dog is getting a running nose, and it grunts and whines whenever it moves and after it's done eating. Therefore, my five week old puppy is sick, and I'm really worried. I've grown quite fond of all those little dogs, and I'd be heartbroken if he got so sick that he died.
Enter Beatle. Beatle noticed he's sick, or at least not feeling well, and Beatle is constantly licking him like a mother dog should. I don't know if this is a good sign, but it comforts me knowing that Beatle cares about the puppies.

And that was me getting rid of my worries....sorry about that.


  1. Oh, Skip! I wish your puppy the best of luck. And congratulations on doing the right thing and keeping Beatle.

  2. Thank you.
    I hope my puppy gets better to. Alas, he can't move the backside of his body, meaning he either has a really bad case of worms or has parvo, which means he only has a 50-50 chance to live.
    What a great way to start my weekend. :(

  3. Your puppy is in my thoughts. Wish him the best!

  4. Thank you.
    He was doing much better today, until tonight, where he got really bad shakes and chills, which isn't good for his spine. :(