Thursday, December 9, 2010

RESULTS! & NEW POLLS! (honestly, I need a life...)

Ok, the results for my polls are in. :)
If people had to choose between being a fluffy bunny with chocolate eggs compared to the man who rides in a sleigh, Santa would win.
In highschool, most of us are the people who are simply trying to get out of this town. (I know I sure am..)
Yep, we are demi-gods killing monsters with Percy! Hades is my greek god parent, who's yours? :) Of course, we also have the few who are in Dumbledore's Army, and a person who is team edward.
Most people would rather go around all day with a bad note on their back rather then walk around with dog doo-doo on their foot.
There is an even amout of animal eaters and plant murder's out there! I'm a plant murderer, in case you haven't guessed. xD
AND. We have healthy people out there. The top drinks were OJ and water. :)
Most people would rather pee on someone. Honestly, what is wrong with you people!? Jk!
And, more people would rather be a mind reader then controller. I'd be a mind reader to though, so it's all good. :)

AND. I got new polls, so check them out and vote on those!

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