Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Five facts about Skip. :)

So, let's see, here a few things you may have not known about me. :)

1. Those preppy girls you see at school, yeah we all know 'em. The ones that only talk to their friend's and always have a boyfriend? Yeah, I hate them. Weird thing? I used to be one of them. Of course, now, I'm pretty far from it.

2. When I grow up....I have no idea what I want to be. Everyone pressures you to figure it out, but honestly, I'm in high school. Half the people out there that are 40 are having a mid-life crisis because they have no idea what to do with their life. I figure I might as well enjoy life while I have it, then waste it planning for a future that I may never have. Besides, I'm not exactly excellent at anything.

3. I have a bad case of time management. Simply because well, I never want to do it. I hate doing school work, yet I have a ton of it. I love to start things, but I can never find the will power to finish anything. It's a bad habit that I have yet I am trying my hardest to break it.

4. I'm a heavily opinionated person. But, I'm also very open-minded. Simply put, I have my opinions, but to me, they are never and will never be facts. They can change as I change, and I expect them to. After all, living life with one view point can never be interesting.

5. I'm a very messy person. My room is never clean, my computer desktop is a maze, and I believe it's a miracle I can find my way to school. I have a hard time telling left from right. I usually get letters mixed up. Along with numbers. It's a tough life in highschool, lemme tell you.

There. Five facts about Skip that I bet ya didn't know. :)

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