Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OHMYGOSH!? December, already!?

That's right, it's December. December first, to be exact, in case you were not informed.
:)'s a wonderful month. It means Christmas break (ok, winterbreak, same difference...), it means christmas concerts, it means my half-brother is coming down, and it means that I might actually get to see snow.
If it ever snows in texas, of course.
Which I'm very doubtful of.
Oh well.

I'll always have my internet snow, of course. :) Just like what I posted above.
So until Christmas, have fun my dear little elfs!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too, Skip!
    Wow, you're lucky! You don't get snow! Snow may mean toboganning, snowmen and snow forts, but it also means shoveling (which is especially hard with wet show -_-), cold, and more cold. I'm more of a summer person.
    And trust me on the snow thing, here in Canada we get a lot of that crap.

  2. ....I want snow so bad!
    Honestly, I've never ever seen it. Do you know how badly that stinks?
    To never see snow is like never seeing an egg fry on the sidewalk.
    It's like the key to a childhood! xD
    Your from Canada?
    I'm insanely jealous.