Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yanno, I really do believe I hate highschool. Life in middle school was boring, but at least then people weren't so..mean. Or, they were mean, but they would be mean out right to your face, not behind your back. My life has seemingly hit a rough patch. A very hard, alone, and sad rough patch. The worst part? The people who I believed to be my friends are the cause of it. And, there are a ton of people talking about me... And not the good kind either. And, there are a lot of people mad at me.
ON! A happier note, I just realized today is Lent! So, happy Lent everyone. X]
Also...bunny's are adorable. <3
All little bunneh wants is for everyone to love each other.
That, and bunneh wants da cookie. ^-^


  1. Aw! I feel your pain, Skip :( I had a horrible year for bullying in grade six. All of my friends turned on me and everyone was being downright mean right to my face. You need a sympathetic ear, I'm here, kk? Any time you need to talk :)

  2. I'm sorry about that. :(
    I had trusted these people, told them everything, and it seems as if every dark secret i had buried is being dug out again.
    It just sucks, yanno?

  3. Skip,if you need anything..I'm here.High school was rough for me,as someone had murdered one of my best friends,and they got away with it.It's stored in my head...I don't tell anyone.

    That person?

    Was my step brother

    Bullying is rough,but you know what you do?

    You hold your head high and push away all of them.Sometimes,true friends are the ones you can't count on.

    "Life is a series of unfortunate events,but it's also a series of great ones.If you take the right glance towards hope,it will become reality."

  4. Oh, wow... I'm really sorry about that, Cooklez.
    Seems I can't trust anyone except for a few select people...
    Highschool just sucks. >.<


  6. Don't be,no one else is,except Kyle and my close friends...and my little sister.You have no reason,my life is too suckish to deserve sympathy.

    It'll be over soon grasshopper

  7. Highschool does suck though. It's good for like, the first cuople of months. Then, it's just a rollercoaster of bad. D:

    :( Aww, cooklez. D:

  8. Meh, I'm still looking forward to it. I'm going to a high school that only a few other people from my grade are going to - a good thing for me - and some of those are some guy friends of mine, one of which I'm interested in. One bad thing is that this creeper kid who I hung out with in grade two and called my 'boyfriend' (it was grade two, cut me a break xD) is going there, and he thought I was still his 'girlfriend' after six years of not talking. I'm just wondering how he'll handle us being in the same school O.O

  9. Oh, forgot to mention that creeper kid left after grade two :)

  10. Hi Skip... wonder if I can post here now...

  11. Works O.o
    Okay... what shall I say? I am terribly terribly sorry :o(((
    All I can tell you is, some friends ARE for life. Others... just are not. There is nothing anyone can do about this, I guess. So all we can do is enjoy the good times and move on with our lifes when they end
    No idea if this is any help to you, but in case you -unlike me- are able to access the sims page, check on padraigscool ´s comments- he experienced about the same as you do now.
    For whatever reason, it just ended, unexpected like it begun.
    I hope this will happen to you, too. And if it should, and you will get on with everybody again, you will at least know who you can really trust and who not *hugz*

  12. Poor Skipper, I hope that doesn't happen to me *shudders*

  13. How dare thhey?! No one talks of my Skip like that! Even me (and that's saying something)(kidding! XD)! >:|

    I'll always be up here in Montana, or- closer- reachable by email if you feel the need to rant, or scream at someone. I'm good for screaming at. :3 Just ask and boom- there's my email. <3

  14. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support. <3