Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top Five Heros!

Number One Hero: Demi Lovato
Demi...why? Not because I'm a disney fan, but because this girl has been through a lot. She's been bullied and hurt, and yet somehow, she can still manage to bring happiness and confidence to many girls. She's taken charge of her life, and I can relate to her. She is in rehab for cutting herself, and I used to. No matter what though, she does one thing many people don't. She lives her life.

Number Two Hero: Christofer Drew
The man can sing, dance, write songs, and play just about ever instrument out there. What more could one want in a hero? He seems to be at total peace with the world, very much relaxed with life. He's also a vegetarian, like me! Plus, his music is 'amazing' in musical form.

Number Three:Superwoman
If this woman isn't amazing, I don't know who is. She is the total woman power idol. She's a hero that can not be out done, unless maybe by...nope, nothing. But that doesn't count. She can do anything and everything, and that makes her amazing. End. Of. Story.

Number Four: Dumbledore
He's my wizard teacher. I'm a total harry potter nerd, and neither Harry nor Voldemort nor Snap could come close to Dumbledore. I love this man!

Number Five: My Computer
My computer brought me sims, facebook, IMing, e-mails, myspace, and everything else. It is amazing what it can do. :)

Those are my heros, and I hope you enjoyed hearing who my heros are. :)

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