Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So many things!

Ok, I have many things to inform you of.
Happy late halloween! I'm late with this, but oh well. For halloween, I was the Big Bad Wolf. :) My boyfriend was Little Red Riding Hood. xD I mean, he's like half a foot taller then me to. Oh well, I have black hair, which fits the wolf thing, and he just dyed his hair an auburn I guess it all worked out.
NeverShoutNever and The Maine are in Texas. They've been here since November second. Oh. My. Gosh. Where am I? In Texas. Two of my favorite bands are in Texas, mere hours from me, and I do not have  ticket. -_-
I have been an official vegetarian for three years now, except for the five times I accidently ate a chicken tender. D:
My room is in the process of being re-done, and let me just tell family's guest bed sucks. Majorly. I have never had so many back issues.
Music is coming to this blog soon! I hope you all enjoy the music I put on here. :)

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