Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Donate, shall you?

Ok, I've realized I haven't blogged in awhile... Anywhos, I think I'm gonna redesign it again. XD Not sure though..

Anywhos, main item of business!

So, I want a new avi, and I have this idea that if I pull it off will be cool (or I think so...).
But, I need something.
I figured I'd ask you guys who read my blog as obviously we're good enough friends that you take the time to read my stuff. So, if you have a simself and you're willing to let me use, please drop me a link in the comment box below or in the chat box to the side. I'd appreciate it. :)


  1. Here it is!

  2. You know, I really start to wonder I should just keep my simself uploaded constantly *lol*

    Here´s the link:

    Use it if you like.

  3. Mine! ^.^
    If you want to use him, here's a link...

  4. You should already have mine...