Saturday, September 25, 2010

Introduction To Me...

Hi, obviously, this is my welcome to everyone.
I'm Skip45, but I got by skip or skippy or whatever else people feel like calling me. (:
I'm constantly learning of ways to improve my sim game...seriously, I never even knew about CC. *pauses for shock*
Anywhos, this blog will be about me, sims, and every little thing in between.
....So, it's nice to meet you. (:


  1. Hey Skip! Just thought I'd let you know that I'll be stalking, I, I, I mean following you on here. ;) Hope that's not a problem! -Drew

  2. Hehe, I don't mind. ^.^
    Took me forever to figure this thing out. I'm still trying to find out how I get music on this thing... :/